Youth Group

Groupe Action Jeunesse is a remarkable organisation, offering activities and, I think, employment opportunities to young people from Luskville and Quyon.
Contact them at 819 208 2789 or go to http://www.gajluskville.com/ for details of events.

Coming up:

A youth dance, for those in 6th year grade school to those 18 years old.
On 17 June from 7 pm -- 11pm.
Cost: $2 per person.
Parents and volunteers are sought to help, and a canteen will be available.


A summer day camp, for school age children.
An information and sign up evening is on Thursday 28 April at the community centre in Luskville, next to the town hall.
Bring your payment in cash and your childs health care card.
The camp will be $60 per week and runs from 9 am -- 4 pm.
For another $20 per week, you can drop kids off as early as 7 am and pick them up as late as 5.15 pm.

The camp runs from Monday to Friday for 7 weeks: 27 June to 19 August, with a break from July 1 to July 29.


[I have translated all of this from the sheet my kids got from school, and so should stress this is all offered in French; if you are concerned about how anglophones will fare at camp, call the number and ask.]


A skate and bike evening will be held for all ages every Thursday, starting from May 5th at the Recreation Park in Luskville (3206 Hwy 148).  From 6 -- 8 pm.
Parents need to supervise.

A "roller day" (journee roulette) will be held at the Recreation Park in
Luskville (3206 Hwy 148) on Saturday June 4th from 1.30 to 4.40pm. with a BBQ, a DJ and prizes offered!
Bring your protective gear and your bikes, in-line skates or skateboards.

[I can tell you that the surface of the arena is incredibly smooth, so it's terrific for younger riders.
The park also owns a number of skate/bike jumps and ramps!]

No charge!   

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