Another telecommunications tower

Bell Mobility now want to erect a guyed telecommunications tower, 76 m high. The proposed location is 1552 chemin Hammond, northeast of Quyon. (L& J Towing is located at this address.)

The tower will provide wireless phone and high speed wireless internet.

An advertisement to this effect was in the 2012/05/02 Pontiac Journal, page 34 in French only (see image, click to enlarge).

For more information contact:
Robert Menotti, Bell Mobility, 200 boul. Bouchard, Dorval, QC  H9S 5X5
Fax: (514) 420-8302
email: consultation@bell.ca

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  1. If this is approved, let us hope that Bell will be better at changing light bulbs than Hydro Quebec.

    An intensely bright flashing light on top of the nearby tower in the HQ substation has been annoying nearby residents and drivers along the 148 for two months. According to Transport Canada regulations, if the required night-time red light fails, tower lighting must revert to the bright flashing light used during daylight hours.

    Apparently an HQ team with the necessary key will be sent to replace the bulb any day now.