Quyon ferry news

As some of you may have heard on local radio and television, or read in the local papers, the new Quyon Ferry will indeed be delayed for another year. The new ferry will not be put into service until 2014.

The ferry construction, by Magnalum Inc., is continuing on schedule and the various sections and components will be transported to the ferry location at Quyon in February, for final assembly.

The tenders for the dock construction and the dredging came in significantly higher than the funds that were allotted, which were based on the estimates.

Due to time constraints for in-water works, permits, etc., there was no possible way to secure the additional funding required and complete the construction of the docks and the dredging for the 2013 season.

I know there were people and businesses counting on the new service in 2013 and we certainly apologize to them for this delay. But, unfortunately it is completely beyond our control and I can assure you that there is no one more disappointed and affected than we, the ferry staff.

It will be business as usual in 2013. As in the past, we will be operating our two existing ferries.

Don McColgan



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