Champion dog from Pontiac, from the Pontiac Journal

Kate Aley
Luskville -

‘Cataraqui Indian Summer’, a three year old Rhodesian Ridgeback dog known simply as Indy to her family, competed at the prestigious the Westminster Kennel Club Show on February 14, 2011.

As a one-year-old, she became the number one Rhodesian Ridgeback bitch in Canada and number two in the breed. By her second birthday, she became an American Champion and later that same year, she won a Best in Specialty Show award and became the number 1 Ridgeback in the country, only the second time in Canadian history that a female has taken the top spot.

While spending most of her time on Ferme Cataraqui on Mountain Road in Luskville, either running through the woods with her siblings or hanging out with the goats, Indy took her first trip to New York City and the most prestigious dog show in North America in her stride.

“We didn’t go expecting to win,” related breeder and owner Valerie Michaud after Indy failed to win a place at Westminster. “There’s a no show in the world that so many great dogs are defeated. It was such an honour to simply compete there, and a treat to see such beautiful dogs... sometimes I got goose bumps. I was so proud to see Indy, a Pontiac dog born and raised, on her first trip to a colossal show like Westminster, not cringing once.”

Newly pregnant, Indy will take on a new challenge of motherhood in early April. Meanwhile Michaud’s attention turns to Thomba, Indy’s brother, who also shows every sign of being a champion.

“At the end of the day, what matters to breed great dogs,” she emphasises. “To give them great minds and bodies and find them families that love them.”


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