Feedback on the 148 detour

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Is the 148 open? I read it but I am just checking....
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    • Julie Kirkham I am wondering the same thing so I know which way to go home tonight
      6 hours ago ·
    • Rhonda Sharpe Morrison I think there is a new detour that is not as bad as the other one.
      6 hours ago ·
    • Kim Wilson the hwy wasn't open last night at 10pm... but the a lil detour around it.. We were up at shawville for the grad last night. And the way bk home we took the detour.
      6 hours ago ·
    • Helen Routliffe I understand it will probably be closed until next Wednesday, that is what the radio said.
      5 hours ago ·
    • Rhonda Sharpe Morrison Thanks Kim. So it isn't that bad to take the "lil detour" then.
      5 hours ago ·
    • Kim Wilson lil detour is good to take
      5 hours ago · · 1 person
    • Heather Egan Duggan Took the detour today and it only takes a couple extra minutes. The washout on the highway doesn't look any where near fixed.
      2 hours ago ·


  1. From what I have read in the papers the highway is going to be closed for at least a month to fix the severe damage. Here is a link you can check out if you want: http://www.ottawasun.com/2011/06/26/closure-puts-kink-in-cottage-season

    I am glad though that the detour is only a few extra minutes, but I do have a question; is it well marked (with signs I mean)?

  2. It is marked...however there is a wait time because they can only let the bigger trucks go down one at a time because of the narrow road...we waited for about 15 mins this morning but once we got going, it's not that big of a detour

  3. You can't miss the signs, and today there were lots of barriers and people on either end with flags. The detour is quite short, and was being gravelled and graded today. Unless there is heavy traffic or a big slow truck, it shouldn't add more than a few minutes to the trip.

    Also, I'd be surprised if it took them a month to fix this, especially if they make the sensible decision to use a local contractor: Nugent's is right on the west side of the gap!