Breckenridge, Pontiac

Breckenridge residents may feel left out of the information below on CLSCs, Post Offices

and English elementary schools, and those of us south of Elm have phone numbers

beginning 682, 684 or 332 rather than 455 (Luskville) or 458 (Quyon).

The CLSC in Aylmer is at 425 rue Leguerrier, Aylmer (Gatineau) (behind the Galeries

d'Aylmer). You can get a blood test without an appointment if you go in the morning.

Perhaps best to phone first: - (819) 966-6540 ext 0. (no charge for blood test).

There's a postal outlet in the far back of Jean Coutu (in the Galeries d'Aylmer), and

you can mail anything that will fit, in the out-going slots at community mailboxes.

If you are lucky enough to have your own rural mailbox, the mail person will pick up

mail from it.

The Western Québec School Board has three English elementary schools that accept

children from the Luskville and Breckenridge areas of Pontiac (the former Eardley

township, east of Kennedy road).

French immersion is available.

The three elementary schools are: Eardley Elementary (on North Street),

Lord Aylmer (on Frank Robinson) and South Hull School (on Crescent Drive).

Symmes Junior High and D'Arcy McGee High School are on du Plateau,

close to chemin Vanier.

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