Daycares and children's playgroups

New daycare!
Little Stars Daycare

Contact Jennifer or Sasha at

819 791 9295

Opening in April, it's in the same place as the the pizza restaurant
at the intersection of the Eardley/Masham Rd. and the 148 in Luskville..


There is also another very very nice day care here:
CPE (Centres de la Petite Enfance)

Univers Bambinos

1955 Mountain Road

819 455 9697


One of the best features in Pontiac is the Maison de la Famille ("Family Centre") in Quyon, with a childrens playgroup, a second hand clothing and furniture shop, a women's craft night and more services and courses than I can describe here. The Maison was one of the first places I learned about when I moved here with young kids and I am still friends with the women I met in the playgroup.

Can't say enough about this remarkable place.
Please drop in.

Mon --Fri: 8.30 to 12.30 and 1 pm to 4 pm.

1074 Clarendon St.

819 458 2808



A free drop in playgroup, called Pontiac "Pirate" Playgroup, operated 2006 - 2009 at the community centre in Luskville.

Jump started by local mothers Danielle Samuar, Adraina Saenz and Brigitte Bonneau, the playgroup was a terrific place to run preschoolers around in a space where nothing could be broken. However, attendance gradually dropped until it seemed all the mothers coming were from Shawville! As a result, the playgroup was officially moved to Shawville early 2010, where I believe it still goes on at 'the Garage', the youth centre on King St.

If you are interested in starting the PPP back up, be my guest. There are still some toys at the community centre and Wednesday mornings are free!

Contact the Municipal office at 819 455 2401 to be sure.

Rock on, Pirates.

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