Medical centres, health information

There is a CLSC (a kind of clinic you can get injections and your kids get the one and three-year evaluations) in Quyon, but you can't just walk in for medical help-- you have to have a referral or appointment, I think.

But there is a lot of health information available there, so it's a good place to visit all the same.

CLSC de Quyon
1164 rue Clarendon
819 458 2848

The info health line (Info Sante) for Quebec is 811.
It's a good place to go for advice before heading to the hospital.

Hopital du Pontiac Hospital
200 Rue Argue
819 647 2211

There is a doctors office in Quyon -- Dr's Lamarche, Crouteau and Bazil, I think. You can call to see if they are taking patients if you need a family doctor, but I don't advise you to get your hopes up.

111A rue Clarendon
819 458 2397

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