Post offices


Within the Station T. Levesque depanneur within the little strip mall on the highway, between the Autopro (hi Gaetan) and the gunshop.
Phone number: 819 455 2222
Open hours:
Mon- Fri: 8 -- 4 pm
Sat: 8 -- 12 noon.

If you are lucky, you'll run into Mike the Mailman picking up his deliveries here, and he'll find your letters for you on the spot!
Cheers, Mike!


A 'real' Canada Post outlet, best for sending weird parcels and overnight stuff. Post office boxes also available here.

1102 Clarendon Street.
819 458 2002.

I can also tell you that this outlet closes for 2 hours every day to clear the incoming mail, so between noon and 2 pm: forget it.

Quite often you can buy ordinary letter stamps at depanneurs-- just ask -- and you can post a letter in any of the red giant "super boxes" that you see around, like at the corner of Ch. Braun and the 148, or the intersection of the Eardley Masham Rd./ Ch. Curley and the highway.

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