Elementary schools

the phone numbers for both Notre Dame de la Joie in Luskville AND Ste. Marie in Quyon have changed!

Now both schools can only be reached at: 819 503 8808.

A automatic prompt will guide you from there. Write this down, and mention it in conversation now and again, because the old numbers have been around forever, and people still don't know about the change.

Notre Dame de la Joie
French language, elementary

14 ch. du Village, near the Catholic church, St. Dominique's.
819 503 8808.
Teachers have extentions you can leave messages on now, too.

Ste. Marie's
French language, elementary

19 Rue Church
819 503 8808
Both these schools have actually been officially under the one name of Ecole de la Vallee des Voyageurs for quite a while, but still almost no one knows this or cares.

Onslow Elementary School
English language, elementary

850 Rue Clarendon
819 4582375


There are no high schools in the Municipality of Pontiac. English speaking kids will go to Aylmer or Shawville; Francophones go to Aylmer, Hull or Fort Coulonge.

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