Venturing Hills Farm

Brahms and Chocolate was the subject of the concert on 16th April. A feast for the ears was followed by a tasting of amazing spicy chocolates.

Check here for upcoming events: the 100 mile dinner on July 16 (a fundraiser) and Festival Pontiac Enchanté, July 22-31, 2011.

Venturing Hills Farm is also an Equestrian centre - see their webpage.

Bicycle trail, Route verte

At the last council meeting (8th March) a route for the bicycle trail was "finalized", I think for the third time. I mentioned this in my report of the meeting and on the heritage pontiac webpage, and today the news got into Le Droit. I've added that report (en français) to that page. There's also a crude map.


Local food

Shonagh McCrindle has a blog on local food in Pontiac:


Rural Tourism Marketing Tips and Tricks

A friend on Facebook just recommended this website:


It is a collection of articles, website links and success stories about small town and rural tourism marketing.

Great examples of themed trails for tourism such as this Craft Trail in Sligo Ireland.

Check it out for inspiration...

Thefts in Breckenridge

"Residents in Breckenridge sector having been a victim of theft in a shed or in a vehicle are asked to inform us," said the officer Fournel, MRC des Collines police.

    Here's the link to the article, 30 March 2011 (en français)


Literacy tutoring

If you want to improve your English language or numeracy (numbers) literacy, or know someone that would like to, contact the West Quebec Literacy Council (based in Shawville) for FREE one - on - one tutoring.

The WQLC is always seeking volunteer tutors too. All training and books are free.

Western Quebec Literacy Council

P.O. box 266, Shawville, QC, JoX 2G0

819 647 3112
1888 647 3112


Animal welfare

Aide Animal Pontiac, a non profit organisation supporting animal welfare in the Pontiac region.

"Our mission is to improve the animal quality of life for animals suffering from neglect, abandonment or cruelty."

This group of incredible volunteers from Bristol and Shawville undertake both fund raising and awareness raising in order to care for the lost and abandoned dogs and cats that are such a issue around here, especially in the fall.
Particularly important is the education of people about sterilizing pets.

Donations of time, food or money are very welcome.

Contact them via C.P. Box 1107, Shawville.


Quyon Lionettes Duck Race Event

The Quyon Lionettes Club have been organizing the "Duck Race / Course de canards" event in Quyon for over 20 years. This fundraiser helps support local charities. This year, the Duck Race proceeds will be used to purchase visitor chairs for the Shawville Community Hospital. The Duck Race will be held on May 29, 2011 at 2:00 p.m. The Duck Race starts at the Quyon River Bridge, Egan St in Quyon. Prizes: 1st $1,000 2nd $500 3rd $250 Duck Race ticket cost $5 per ticket. Only 1,000 tickets printed. To purchase tickets, please contact Krissie Beaudoin at 819-458-2347 Get'em now, they're going fast !

Who wants an 82m tower?

The red bar shows the location and height of the proposed tower.
(If you have Google Earth installed, click here to see it on your computer.)
Update: Videotron proposal to Install an 82m tower on Elm Road

Many of you may have already seen the public notice on page 46 of the Pontiac Journal (March 23) where Videotron proposes to erect an 82-meter tower on Hurdman Heights Farm near the corner of Elm Road and Highway 148. This proposal has been re-published because the federal government determined that in their September 8, 2010 notice Videotron did not adequately identify the site. If you recall, Videotron identified the proposed site with the lot number.

Since the September 8 proposal by Videotron the following has taken place:

1. On September 10, 2010, Municipal Council passed a unanimous resolution opposing the installation of the tower on the proposed site. The resolution states: “That the Municipality of Pontiac notify Videotron of its firm opposition to the installation of a telecommunication tower in the Breckenridge sector as requested by this company.”

2. A number of local people wrote letters to Videotron stating their reasons for opposing the installation of the tower on the proposed site.

3. An article was published in three newspapers calling citizens to action in opposing the installation of a tower with a height equivalent to a 25-storey building that would be constructed in one of the most valuable landscapes in our community, “The Gateway to the Pontiac”.

4. A petition opposing the tower on the proposed site was signed by the majority of residents on Elm Road and nearly every household along Highway 148 for 1.5 km in each direction of Elm Road.

5. The Mayor of the Municipality of Pontiac informed Videotron that municipal council could support the tower on another, more isolated, site.

6. There has been a technological breakthrough that can make traditional towers obsolete. (See article entitled: “Cell “cubes” could replace cell phone towers” page 35 of the Pontiac Journal). The Pontiac could be one of the first communities to have the new technology installed rather than the last to have the old, soon to be obsolete, tower technology.

Despite all the opposition and the opportunity of new technology, Videotron continues to press its case to install the tower on the proposed site at Elm Road.

What happens next: The public has 30 days to respond to the proposal and Videotron has 60 days to reply to questions and concerns. Videotron must also ask the Municipality for approval to proceed to the Quebec Commission for the Protection of Agricultural Land (CPTAQ) for a change of zoning from agricultural to commercial. (The CPTAQ has rejected many requests by local people for changes to zoning from agricultural to residential and to commercial on properties near the proposed site.) In the end, it is likely that Industry Canada will make a final decision based on available information, including your written concerns. That is what happened in Aylmer.

What you can do: Write to Videotron stating your concerns about the impact this proposal would have on our community. Videotron now has an email address to which your comments can be sent: CPC_GA612@videotron.com

Please note that you must send your concerns within 30 days of the notice which means before April 22, 2011.

[Content for this article was provided by a group
of local residents in opposition to the tower.]


Acting locally - recommended tradespeople, etc

I have created a blog for the ACTING LOCALLY list of personal recommendations for tradespeople, etc that was formerly sent out by email.

If you are looking for a service or have personal recommendations or warnings about suspicious activity, this is where to go...