Route 148 in Breckenridge, major work in 2012

The ministry of Transport is expecting to completely reconstruct 2.5 km of route 148 between Terry-Fox and Maple, in Pontiac in 2012, to bring it up to provincial standards. This should improve the safety of users and improve drainage problems. This section is narrow and bumpy, with poor visibility, and water runs onto the road from driveways.

In order to carry out this project, land on either side of the highway will be acquired, to increase highway safety, visibility, and allow space for trees, posts, fences and street lights. Residents affected will be informed.

In June 2011, Transport Quebec teams will mark the limits of the required right-of-way with stakes. Individual owners will meet with a TQ representative to discuss acquisition procedures for the parcels of land and the amount of compensation.

In summer 2011 a Hydro-Québec agent will contact certain residents, for example if new hydro poles need to be installed.

The Ministry of Transport of Québec thanks everyone for their cooperation, and reminds us that investment in highways increases safety and contributes to regional economic development. You can call 819-772-3849 or email dto@mtq.gouv.qc.ca for more information.

(The above is a summary of the leaflet in French that affected residents should have received.)