Petition to improve route 148

Pat Lusk has started a petition to the ministry of Transport to bring the Breckenridge part of route 148 up to provincial standards. This was supposed to happen 3 years ago. There's a copy of the petition at Dépanneur Eardley in Breckenridge, and probably in other déps along the highway. Also in Shawville. Please stop in and sign the petition.


Rencontre, quartier 6. Ward 6 meeting.

Le conseiller Jean Amyotte a invité les résidents du quartier 6, Breckenridge, à une rencontre le 26 avril. Ici les textes des diapos (et traduction anglais).

Councillor Jean Amyotte held a meeting for residents of ward 6, Breckenridge, on April 26. Here is the text of his slide show, with English translation on the right hand side.

Cliquez ici.