Savour the Pontiac

It is with great pleasure that the Municipality of Pontiac invites you to our 6th edition of SAVOUR THE PONTIAC which will be held on July 27th and 28th 2013 at the Quyon Lions Hall, ch. Ferry.

As well as promoting our local businesses, artists, artisans, producers and organizations, this year will have a particular flavour as it marks the 400th anniversary of Samuel de Champlain’s passage up the Ottawa River in search of new navigable waterways.

To commemorate this historic event, SAVOUR THE PONTIAC will be transformed into a 17th century marketplace on Sunday July 28, 11 am to 4 pm.  You will find period costumes, storytellers, music, native rituals, an exhibit on the Chats Falls Park and much more.  

The festivities will be initiated by a community dinner at 6 p.m. on July 27th.  It's FREE !!  Seating is limited, so reserve early by contacting Inès Pontiroli at 819-455-9667 or email: pontiroli.ines@municipalitepontiac.com

From the Pontiac municipal website: http://www.municipalitepontiac.com/en/

Savourer le Pontiac

C’est avec plaisir que la Municipalité de Pontiac désire vous inviter à sa 6e édition de SAVOURER LE PONTIAC qui aura lieu les 27 et 28 juillet 2013 au Club Lions de Quyon, chemin Ferry.

En plus de promouvoir nos commerçants, artistes, artisans, producteurs et organismes locaux, cette année aura une saveur toute particulière puisqu’elle marque le 400e anniversaire du passage de Samuel de Champlain sur la Rivière des Outaouais à la recherche de nouvelles voies navigables.

Afin de marquer cet évènement historique, SAVOURER LE PONTIAC sera transformé en marché du 17e siècle, le 28 juillet de 11h à 16h.  Vous y verrez des costumes d’époque, des conteurs, des rituels autochtones, exposition sur le Parc du Sault-des-Chats et beaucoup plus.  

Les festivités débuteront par un repas communautaire servit à 18h le 27 juillet.  Le tout est GRATUIT !!  Les places sont limitées, alors réservez tôt en contactant Inès Pontiroli au 819-455-9667 courriel:

De la site web du municipalité de Pontiac http://www.municipalitepontiac.com/fr/


Community Gardens in the Pontiac Journal, June 2013

Community Gardens put down roots
Kate Aley
PONTIAC – It takes a village to plant a garden.  A community garden is being created in five small West Quebec towns this summer as part of a CLD Collines des l’Outaouais strategy to combat hunger and improve food availability and awareness.
The initiative is designed to encourage people to share a communal garden space and grow their own fresh food.
Melissa Hardy of CLD des Collines is coordinator for the project, which ran successfully as a pilot in Masham and Perkins in 2011. Land is either donated by the Municipalities or by private owners or organisations. Gardens are now currently underway in these two places, plus Quyon, Wakefield and St. Pierre de Wakefield.
Hardy visited the Maison de la Famille in Quyon on May 30th to explain the project and help participants transfer small seedlings into larger containers to prepare them for planting out. Tomatoes, squash, pumpkins, cucumbers and peppers were just some of the vegetable plants on offer.
 “It is often easier for a new group to learn how to care for a garden together,” she explained. “Starting seeds, cultivating the ground and harvesting produce is a tremendously empowering experience. I love how people make the garden their own, sharing tips and tricks with each other as they learn. The gardens are to be organic, and pesticide and herbicide free. We hope finding out how easy and satisfying it is to grow food will be a revelation.”
Further meetings are planned for horticultural training, information on composting and the potential for a collective kitchen project.
A series of twenty by ten foot lots are now available to new gardeners. Registration in the project is still possible.
Contact Melissa Hardy by email:
or call 819 328 5800

Community Gardens in Quyon under way

This is the garden so far... behind the Womens' Institute hall (Albert Kennedy Centre on Clarendon St, near Onslow Elementary).
 The good bits are Cheryl's and Sonia's. The average bit is mine.
And there is still space. Contact Melissa Hardy at the CLD des Collines for how to get into this. Radishes, spinach and chard, oh my.