Festival Pontiac Enchanté at Venturing Hills Farm

Festival Pontiac Enchanté brings together seasoned professional players and advanced music students from the Ottawa area, including Carson Becke (piano). This year two young artists from Europe, Hinrich Alpers (piano) and Lauren Steel (cello), as well as Nathaniel Frank-Anderson from Toronto, and bass-baritone Robert Pomakov join the performers.

The 100 mile Gala dinner and concert was last weekend, and last night's program included romantic piano trios by Mozart and Beethoven, and a Schubert nocturne. After the concert a Whip-poor-will could be heard nearby.

There are still five concerts - this weekend (23 and 24 July) and next (29, 30 and 31 July). The concerts on Friday and Saturday start at 7:30 pm, those on Sunday start at 2:30 pm.

For the program see the Venturing Hills website.

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