Industry Canada OKs Vidéotron tower

According to the Ottawa Citizen, Industry Canada quietly granted Vidéotron a licence to build the 25 storey telecommunications tower on ch Elm, early in November. An official of Industry Canada referred all questions to the FAQ section of their website. (I could find nothing on this particular tower or decision.)

If you have any more information or better links, please comment or add them. Thanks.

See also the March 28, 2011 post in this blog (search for "tower").

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  1. I imagine the new users along the south shore of the Ottawa River will care little about the distant blinking red light on the tower that will make it possible for them to finally enjoy a decent connection.

    This is indeed unfortunate for Pontiac, because we end up with an ugly tower bringing little benefit to local users (save perhaps a few more places where a cellphone will work along the 148).

    There are alternatives to such monster towers, and had there been a more active and wider opposition, perhaps local entrepreneurs would now be providing the service in a less obtrusive manner. Instead, this big tower will soon detract from commuters' home gateway view and revenues from it will flow back to Montreal.

    I can only hope it will also serve as a regular reminder for Pontiac residents to get more involved in opposing such projects next time.