New bulletin from the Municipality

Did everyone get their new bulletin today, or at least get it this week?

The Municipality are very eager that EVERYone gets one; on time and safely.... So please, if yours -- dated "July, August, Sept 2012" doesn't get to you soon, call them and tell them: so much that the MoP wants and NEEDS us to know is on it, so it's imperative that you have it!
Upcoming events and new things to know:

Savour the Pontiac event:

August 12th, 11 am -- 4 pm.
If you have a business of any description, you want to be at this thing.
It is going to be about twelve different kinds of fun!


There a canoe/kayak club starting up: call Wendy Ryan at 819 244 2397, or email waterfrontwellness.pontiac@gmail.com


The Luskville Youth Group -- Groupe Action Jeunesse --- has all kinds of things happening:

Picnic on August 12.

Public archery at Notre Dame de la Joie on Sept 18, 25 & Oct 2, 16 from 6.15pm to 7.15 in the gym.

The GAJL annual general meeting is at Notre Dame on Sept 24th at 7 pm.

 "These activities are developed andf organised by people like you from the Pontiac Community. We need your comments and feedback to improve our services and activities."

Find out more at http://www.gajluskville.com/ or call:

819 208 2789


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