Archives and History

There is a wonderful place on Shawville--- the Pontiac Archives --which dwells in the basement of the library building, staffed by marvellous volunteers, history buffs and people that enjoy filing.

If you are looking for information about your family or this area, this is a fantastic place to start...

But just as importantly, if you have a bought an old house here, or you are just clearing out the top of your barn, and you find family trees, old books, photographs, negatives, newspapers, birth certificates or anything like this, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not throw them away, or leave them where they can be injured or destroyed.

Everything like this is of so much importance. Call the Archives and see if you can bring it in.

Archives du Pontiac Archives
358 Main Street.

819 647 7013



The Armstrong Heritage Farm, also in Shawville, might be interested in any larger items of historical significance.

Or they might not. They have a lot of stuff, including a small real train.

But call them and check. Just don't throw anything out until you've asked around.

Ferme Patrimoine Armstrong Heritage Farm
Route 148, Shawville.

819 647 2117


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