In a small grey building beside the Community Centre, close to the Luskville fire station and the Municipal offices; on the turn off to the Lusk Falls.
There is no sign whatsoever, so hunt for the blue 'book return' box by the front door.

2024 Route 148
Phone: 819 455 2370.

I did know the times of opening out of my head, but I will double check later!
Mon and Wed: 6 -- 8pm
Sat. 2 --4 pm.

There is free internet access and a surprising amount of music available, but most of the books are in French, although the librarian (Louise Ramsay, I think) can order from any other BiblioOutaouais library for you.


A beautiful and really very stylish building on John Street: the one with the Legion hall and the Catholic church on it. Unusual circular design in the gable of the roof.

12 John St.
Phone: 819 458 1227

I wrote down the hours last time I went past to see if it was open at a time useful to me! It isn't.

Mon, Wed, Thurs: 6 -- 9pm
Sat: 1--4 pm.
A bright and cheerful place with an excellent selection of childrens books, both stories and reference, in both languages. Plenty of computers. Librarian Berenice is very friendly and sweet.


Both libraries should have several free passes for Ottawa Museums -- certainly the Museum of Civilization and Museum of Nature-- available to lend out, so if you have a bunch of kids and a spare day, go and get one.

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