What do you mean when you say Pontiac?!

I know, I know, it's a question that still confuses and annoys all of us, sometimes simultaneously.

All I can tell you is this.

Living in Luskville and Quyon, you are in the Municipality of Pontiac, but this Municipality is included within the MRC des Collines, which follows the Gatineau Valley, i.e. northwards, to Chelsea, Wakefield, Danford, Kaz. etc.

The rest of the towns that we feel closest to: Bristol, Shawville, Fort Coulonge: these guys belong to the MRC Pontiac, which follows the Ottawa River valley. But we share such an identity with these places, as well as so many resources and community orgainsations, that many feel the MoP should come over to the MRC of Pontiac and save us all the headache.

In fact our mayor, Eddie McCann, intends to do just this. Has for many a year, in fact.

We still belong to MRC des Collines in the meantime, which means that although we go to the CLSC in Quyon --affiliated with the Shawville hospital-- you will get the MRC des Collines police when you call 911 for an emergency, rather than the SQ, which the MRC de Pontiac uses.

Am I helping?
Oh ever so much.

Oh, and we are supposed to put "Pontiac" on our return addresses but no one does. Just say "jocks to go", (J0X 2G0), and look at the river and mountains and breathe deeply for a moment.

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  1. Kazabazua is in MRC la Vallée de la Gatineau. I think Danford is in MRC Pontiac. No wonder newcomers can't sort it out! :)